By Michael Bavidge

"The borders I have in mind are not lines of demarcation (not walls, checkpoints or lines on maps). They are stretches of territory - spaces of transition, trade and uncertainty - between more self-contained and settled regions. The main topics I address all have the character of being in-between: they are all in some sense about something other than themselves. Philosophy itself is a sort of critical reflection that takes place in these disputed areas."

In this collection of essays, Michael Bavidge gives us a glimpse of large philosophical issues centring round a number of key ideas - experience, expression, and language. Written with insight, humour, and clarity, and underpinned by a great intellectual empathy, these essays are powerful examples of philosophy embedded in the fabric of everyday life.

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Conversations on Finitude and the Limits of Philosophy

Edited by Anthony Morgan

Immanuel Kant, the most influential philosopher of the modern age, transformed our entire conception of philosophy. His radical reframing of philosophical questions placed the finitude of the human subject at the centre of philosophical enquiry and, at the same time, left reality in itself forever inaccessible. His impact was to restrict metaphysical pretensions and even to induce real despair. Famously the poet Heinrich von Kleist committed suicide in part due to the profound rupture induced by Kant's 'Copernican revolution'; and, more recently, the French philosopher Quentin Meillassoux has referred to it as 'the Kantian catastrophe'.

This collection of lively and accessible interviews with fifteen top Kantian and post-Kantian philosophers offers a balanced and wide-ranging survey that takes us into the very heart of contemporary debates relating to our Kantian inheritance. It questions the ever-evolving legacy of this giant of modern thought, a legacy that exposes the Janus-faced character of philosophy as it finds itself both obsessed with establishing limits and, at the same time, inexorably drawn to transgress them.

Praise for The Kantian Catastrophe?

"This is philosophy at its best. With consummate skill, Anthony Morgan engages leading philosophers in engrossing conversations about the Kantian heritage and central issues in philosophy today. The Kantian Catastrophe? is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to become acquainted with some of the most challenging and exciting trends in contemporary thought." - Raymond Tallis, author of Of Time and Lamentation.

Contributions from

Lucy Allais // A.W. Moore // Stella Sandford // Stephen Mulhall // Joseph Schear // Beatrice Han-Pile // Tom Sparrow // Marie-Eve Morin // Bruno Bosteels // Adrian Johnston // Simon O'Sullivan // John O Maoilearca // Catherine Malabou // Graham Harman // Ray Brassier

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